A Great Day

A Great Day

7:38AM 1/20/2009 [Original] We got lucky and caught the very first express shuttle downtown. The express shuttles were scheduled to start at 4:00AM but didn't start till we got there at 7:30AM.

1 7:51AM 1/20/2009 [Original] A few short minutes later, we were dropped off a few blocks shy of our scheduled stop but close enough to see the Lincoln Memorial (it's white on white but the top left corner is visible in the photo).

2 8:18AM 1/20/2009 [Original] Looking up 18th St NW we saw a sea of people. Presumably staking claim to parade route spots.

3a 8:26AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

3b 8:26AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

4 8:33AM 1/20/2009 [Original] A soldier stopped and offered to take our picture.

5 8:43AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

6 8:55AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

7 9:07AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

8a 9:19AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

8b 9:19AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

9a 9:35AM 1/20/2009 [Original] We arrived at the Silver gate line (mob). Dan and Kim continued on to the Purple gate line (mob) in the tunnel.

9b 9:37AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

9c 9:42AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

10 10:33AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

11 10:38AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12a 10:42AM 1/20/2009 [Original] I lucked out and stood atop the end of the balustrade between the statues at the Capitol Reflecting Pool and enjoyed an unobstructed view for the entire ceremony.

12b 10:42AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12c 10:43AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12d 10:43AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12e 10:43AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12f 11:10AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12g 11:15AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12h 11:16AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12i 11:17AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12j 11:17AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12k 11:18AM 1/20/2009 [Original] Village Voice reporter.

12l 12:01AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12m 12:01AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12n 12:01AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12o 12:04AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12p 12:18AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

12q 12:18AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

13a 1:23AM 1/20/2009 [Original] I enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies in Jim Moran's office where I met back up with Dan and Kim.

13b 2:05AM 1/20/2009 [Original]

13c 2:42AM 1/20/2009 [Original] This couple drove from Michigan.